County Sheriff

The primary mission of the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office is to serve and protect life and property making the county a better place to live in.

The County Sheriff’s Office employs over 45 deputies, detectives, and civilian staff. The County Sheriff’s Office is a 24 hour, seven days a week operation. Deputies handle the jobs most people expect them to do such as investigating crimes that run the gamut from larceny to burglary to murder to rape.

The public generally thinks of the County Sheriff’s Office as handling only criminal type of activity, but deputies also deliver a variety of paperwork. The paperwork includes summons, subpoenas, writs of execution, writs of restitution and notices of non-payment of rent. Deputies take at least 80 hours of training each year so that they can keep up with the latest in technology to improve their crime fighting techniques. The records department is kept very busy conducting background checks for local, state and other law enforcement agencies.

  • Administer the operational budget for the County Sheriff’s Office
  • Administrate commissioned and civilian employees
  • Administrate the records division whose job includes the retention of reports filed in the County Sheriff's Office
  • Design and implement required training for deputies

Processing Fees

Process Fee
Background Check
Civil Process
Copy of Report
$0.50 Per

Unclaimed Property List