Party Affiliation

Selecting Party Affiliation

The state of New Mexico does not hold Open Primary Elections. To be eligible to vote in the Primary Election, individuals must be registered as a Democrat, Republican or party that has been qualified by the Secretary of State’s Office as a Major Party. A registered voter who wishes to change party affiliation in time to vote in a primary election must do so 28 days before the election.

Currently (2019); Qualified Major Parties Include: 

  • Libertarian Party of New Mexico
  • New Mexico Democratic Party
  • New Mexico Republican Party

Qualified Minor Parties Include: 

  • Better for America Party of New Mexico
  • Constitution Party of New Mexico
  • Green Party of New Mexico
  • New Mexico Working Families Party
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation of New Mexico

Each party has the option of holding a Presidential Caucus several months previous to the June Primary Election for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the Office of President. For more information concerning party activity, contact the party chairman listed below.

Should you choose not to select a party affiliation or choose Independent, your Voter Information Card will reflect a DTS status. DTS stands for Declined to Select. If you have any questions please call our office at 866-2080.

Valencia County Party Chairman

Democratic Party Chair

Joan Day-Baker
P.O. Box 2652
Los Lunas, NM 87031

Email the Democratic Party Chair

Republican Party Chair

David R. Gardner
P.O. Box 2178
Los Lunas, NM 87031
Phone: 505-553-3496
Email the Republican Party Chair