Commendations and Complaints

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of a situation that you believe deserves our attention. We encourage both positive and negative citizen feedback to assist us in our goal of providing the best public service possible to the citizens of Valencia County.


When an employee of Valencia County provides service that you feel should be commended or recognized, please take a moment to call, write a letter or memorandum, or submit a completed Employee Commendation Form to the County Manager providing your reasons why the employee deserves to be commended for his or her actions. The employee will be presented with a formal commendation letter and a copy will be placed in the employee’s file. Commendations serve as a morale booster and motivation to provide positive service.


Valencia County recognizes that its employees are responsible for their conduct when interacting with citizens of our community. It is essential to our community that the relationship between the County and the public that we serve is built on confidence and trust.

The complaint process was implemented to provide citizens a platform to tell County Management about a negative interaction with a County employee. The complaint process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Citizens who file complaints will be treated respectfully and their accusations will be taken seriously. All complaints are investigated thoroughly and all findings are based on impartial evidence gained during the investigation.

The most appropriate person to file a complaint is the person experiencing or witnessing alleged misconduct rather than uninvolved third parties. However, parents and guardians should feel free to make complaints on behalf of their juvenile children.

Every effort shall be made to facilitate the convenient, courteous and prompt receipt and processing of citizen complaints.

If you have a commendation or complaint involving a Valencia County Sheriff’s Office employee, please contact the Sheriff’s Office directly at (505) 866-2400; PO Box 1585, 543 Luna Avenue, Los Lunas, NM 87031

How to File a Commendation or Complaint on a Valencia County Employee

  1. To ensure we receive your commendation or complaint as accurately as possible, please fill out the Valencia County Commendation and Complaint Form found at these locations
    1. On our website
    2. Printed copies found in the Manager’s Office at the Valencia County Administrative Offices
      444 Luna Avenue
      Los Lunas, NM 87031
    3. Call the Manager’s Office (505) 866-2014 to have a form sent to you
  2. Email, Fax, mail or bring the completed form to the Valencia County Manager’s Office:
    1. Fax: (505) 866-3355
    2. Mailing Address: Manager’s Office,
      PO Box 1119
      Los Lunas, NM 87031
    3. Physical Address: Manager’s Office
      444 Luna Avenue
      Los Lunas, NM 87031
  3. An informal (oral) commendation or complaint can be filed by calling the Manager’s Office at (505) 866-2014. Only persons filing formal (Valencia County Commendation and Complaint Form) complaints will receive a written notice of final disposition.

Commendation & Complaint Policy and Form