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Bosque Farms Community Center / VCOAP Senior Meal Site



Water Well Trust

Call for Volunteers

Census A1

English tutoring

Fraud NM Presentation Flyer

News-Bulletin Tribute

Peralta Senior Ice Cream Social

Bosque Cuadrillas Square Dancing

Map for Alternate Route

Medicare Councilor

Smart DriverTEK

Young Adult Financial Literacy and Career Readiness

Arts and Crafts


Growers Market

Jigsaws for Veterans

Roadrunner Foodbank

Traffic Flow Map

2020 Veterans House Ad

2020 Veterans House Ad



Flu Shot flyer

Senior Medicare Patrol Warning

Why respond to the census before September 30th

Teenior Free Sessions and Free Tablets - VC Flyer

Bosque Farms Monthly Activities (PDF)

Welfare Check letter to community members - Sep. 2020

Teenior Workshops October 2020


Gifts Galore Flyer

Blue Ribbon

Jigsaws for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day

Older American Program Menu (PDF)

Snoopy Valentine

Teeniors Classes and Phone Scam Warnings

Vaccine Distribution Plan

CWC Connections APR 2021

Fraud Watch


Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area is OPEN

Earth Day

LREP 2021

Science Fiesta and Nature Challenge

Happy Mothers Day

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About the Center

The Bosque Farms Community Center was built in 1991 to support the whole Village and was remodeled in 2012. It is available for use by the Community for meetings and other social events for a nominal fee.

The center also has an activity schedule of special events with an emphasis on events for Seniors.

Please take a moment to look over the calendar and upcoming events at the Community Center. Activities change month to month. Evening bands and dance classes are for all ages!

It is true that the Community Center is a senior meal site for the Older American Program, but if you haven't reached that magic number of 60+ to qualify for the lunch program, you may still enjoy many of the other activities.

Letter From the Director

Whispers of change are in the air!  Reopening plans are starting to be discussed!  At this point, it's looking like they may be for meals only, possibly as a hybrid of congregate and continued drive-thru.  I'm crossing my fingers (arms, legs, eyes and anything else I can think of) that resuming activities won't be far behind.  I'll update you when these plans are getting closer to turning into reality and what you should expect. 

In the meantime,  I'm contacting class instructors to see if they plan to resume their rolls.  Our previous ZUMBA instructor moved before the pandemic began, but another volunteer is ready to lead as soon as the time is right.  Due to volunteer availability, days and times for some of the activities may be different than they were previously. 

Just a few days ago, someone expressed interest in learning calligraphy.  So, if anyone is willing and able to teach, I'm all ears (other than the previously mentioned body parts :)! That can also be said of other skills, hobbies, crafts, and the like.  I'm a firm believer in sharing knowledge and experience.  Bringing people together to learn, work, play, and enjoy the company of others has always been a priority to me.  I'm looking forward to being able to do that again!

In the attachments you will find details about an Earth Day Science Fiesta and City Nature Challenge  that starts today and goes through May 3rd, as well as the VC senior menu, a card with cutesy quotes for Mom, and information on free legal webinars.

Thank you for your continued support!

Rose Poitras, Director
Bosque Farms Community Center
(505) 869-5133