Application Requirements

Application Instructions

The application must be fully completed or application will be invalidated. Please read the following instructions before completing application for Employment:

  • Applicants must submit a Valencia County Employment Application (PDF). Resumes are to support an application only and will not be processed without a complete application.
  • Applications are only accepted for positions posted. Applicants must submit a separate application for each position. Only copies of applications with an original signature will be accepted. Indicate the exact position title on your application.
  • Applications must be typed or written in black ink. Be as accurate and legible as possible.
  • Applications must provide all relevant information regarding education and work experience, place and dates of employment (month/year), position(s) held, duties and responsibilities, training, or academic study and credit hours. Credit for volunteer work will be given if included as part of the employment history section of the application.
  • Copies of transcripts, licenses, and certificates must be submitted with the application when designated as minimum qualification.