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  • Would you like to volunteer to cleanup your area? We’ll provide you with bags, gloves, and vests! 
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For more information contact Jeanette Saiz at 505-866-2472. Keep Valencia County Clean and Beautiful

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Mosquito Prevention


Visions of Mosquitoes in this freezing weather. It will be a long interesting Mosquito Season. This information is going out due to the large request for information from different communities. All Vector programs in place are designed to handle these new viruses. The mosquito hatch cycle is weather dependent and we will be responding accordingly. 

Scheduled Mosquito fog days are nice, but those days will become more flexible with weather and virus load dependent evaluations. We have mosquitoes that are carrying numerous viruses, and the virus number count will continue to increase. These are a few viruses we are watching for and trying to keep the virus load low, by reducing the mosquito numbers. Dengue, West Nile Virus, Zika, Dog Heart Worm, St. Louis Encephalitis, Western Equine Encephalitis, Rift valley Fever, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and more coming. These viruses are very real, dangerous and manageable. I tell you about these viruses, because all we are hearing about is ZIKA, as this is what the media is running with.


There are a few communities that are treating Air, Water, and Recreation parks and golf courses. This is the most aggressive approach, and not every community needs this type of service. If it becomes an emergency in your community, you will be notified of action plan.


Zika appears to be in more states everyday. We are likely to see it in Albuquerque and or Las Cruces first. As these viruses take hold in our mosquito and human population, we continually learn new ways to fight it. The US cases have been contracted out of the country, but now the virus is here in a human host, and the virus will me picked up by the mosquito and spread through the states. In New Mexico, we have the Aedes mosquito that will vector the virus, so we just have to keep on top of the vector programs.


We have started our spring water surveys, and will be following up with spring flood planting for the early emerging mosquitoes. If citizens are concerned seeing our trucks in your community, just explain this is a normal part of the entire mosquito program.

Safety Measures

Let citizens know that you have a strong mosquito program in place. I am always available to speak with the public and to answer any questions if needed.

Ask all citizens to keep trees cut back, grass cut low, and weeds removed from property. Keep your yards clean, and watch for neighbors homes that might be vacant and are contributing to the mosquito problem.

Eliminate anything that can hold water. Drain all containers in yard that can hold water, pots, coffee mug, kiddie pools, kids wagons, old ponds, swimming pool covers, turn a bird bath over if not in use. Animal water bowls and troughs should be turned over with water every 3 days, rain buckets should be screened, If you have a pond, keep the pump running 24/7. Trash in a yard can become a water container.

Stay indoors during Peak mosquito hours, early morning and evening. If you are a community with treated recreation fields, these are usable at all times of the day.

Each community will be updated with the findings and continued work through the summer season, as we survey, sample, test and treat.


Thank you for your continued support in allowing our team of experts to handle your Public Health needs.



Dr. Paul C. Sandoval, Ph.D., MA. TLT.
Roadrunner Public Health, Inc.
Infectious Disease and Exotic Viruses
Vector Control Services
Pest Control Services

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