Mortgage Department


The Mortgage Department handles all payments from numerous mortgage companies. The payments are generally received electronically from the mortgage companies. These transactions are processed through the county’s computer system and applied to the appropriate taxpayers account.

The Valencia County Treasurer’s Office is happy to announce that we have contracted with GovTech Services Inc., and are now using their ’Escrow Pro Service’ and ’Portfolio Service’. ALL Escrow Tax Services and Escrow Tax Paying companies are encouraged to use one of these products listed through GovTech Inc, to obtain real estate tax data and amounts and return their automated mass and residual escrow payments back to the County of Valencia via ACH or Wire Transfer. It not only provides you a faster and more efficient way of paying and monitoring real estate taxes, but also eliminates the duplicate payment issue that sometimes results in escrow payments. The exchange of data will be done on the GovTech Services web portal from this time forward. GovTech Services will invoice you accordingly for their processing as shown below:

Banks and Mortgage Companies with 2500 parcel or less are recommended to set up through the:

 Portfolio Service

  • .75 Payment Processing Fee Per Parcel 

Banks and Mortgage Companies with 2501 parcels or more will be recommended to set up through the:

Escrow Service

  • $250 Fee for Installment Set Up Services 

(This is a one-time fee per installment and the companies have unlimited access to download a file) .25 Payment Processing Fee Per Parcel

If you have already signed up, please visit the following link to go directly to GovTech/Valencia County Treasurer’s site: Gov Tech Pro. Please contact GovTech Services Inc, using the Contact/Support tab on their websites: Gov Tech Tax Pro, or call their help desk at 1-888-304-5989 for further questions and directions on processing escrow payments.