Manufactured Home Department

Manufactured Home Department Responsibilities:

  • Researches manufactured home accounts that are delinquent and verifies the     validity of the tax amount due, the current location of the home and the current     ownership. 
  • Identifies manufactured home accounts that are 3 years’ delinquent and submits       tax lien information to Motor Vehicle Department on those accounts.
  • Releases manufactured home liens with Motor Vehicle once account is paid in full.  
  • Places $100.00 manufactured home fee on all manufactured home accounts   that   are 3 years’ delinquent.
  • Provides notice to all lien holders of tax delinquency on manufactured home     accounts.  Contacts manufactured home owners and informs them of the tax     delinquency and deadlines to be paid before action is taken to sell the     manufactured home. 
  • Provides moving permits for manufactured homes moving within or leaving the   county. 
  • Completes tax releases received from the Assessor's office for moving permits, or   ownership changes.  

Instructions for moving a manufactured home:

Moving a manufactured home

Instructions for changing manufactured home ownership:

Change manufactured home ownership

Instructions to demolish a manufactured home:

Demolish a manufactured home