Girl's Circle

Program Description

Girl’s Circle contains gender specific topics to target body image, healthy relationships, safe sex, and accepting diversity. This program targets pre-teen and adolescent girls and young women of all races and ethnicities, and LGBTQ youth who identify with female adolescent development 9 to 18 years, regardless of risk level.

During the 50 weeks of this program, participants will cover "Body, Mind, Spirit", "Expressing My Individuality", "Relationships With Peers", "Who I Am", and "Paths to the Future". 

Body, Mind, Spirit

Ages: 12-16

Number of Sessions: 12


This curriculum addresses alcohol, tobacco, drug decision making, and healthy sexuality by promoting abstinence and reduction to high-risk behaviors. Participants will examine and evaluate choices through affirmations, role-play, media influence, journal writing, and videos.

Expressing My Individuality

Ages: 11-15

Number of Sessions: 8


This portion of the program encourages the understanding of individuality, diversity, friendships, goals, conflict styles, self-love, and self-care. Participants will participate in craft activities and opportunities to celebrate one’s self and others in the group.

Relationships With Peers

Ages: 13-18

Number of Sessions: 10


This portion of the program enhances girls’ awareness of their relationships with themselves and others. It includes the following topics:

  1. Expressing Myself
  2. Accepting Different Parts of Myself
  3. Giving Voice to Feelings
  4. Romantic Relationships
  5. Girl fights or Girlfriends

Who I Am

Ages: 14-18

Number of Sessions: 8


This portion of the program works with girls to examine identity, assertiveness skills, and goal setting through role-play, crafts, and music. Includes the following topics and activities:

  1. Journaling and Self-Disclosures
  2. Song About Me-Who I Am
  3. Personal Growth/Assertiveness
  4. Life Goals/Personal Goals

Paths to the Future

Ages: 12+

Number of Sessions: 8


This portion of the program is for at-risk and/or court-involved youth. The purpose is to examine thoughts, beliefs, and actions about friendships, trust, authority figures, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress and goal-setting. Paths to the Future allows an opportunity for girls to consider and share on their choices and behaviors and how to make better, healthier decisions in the future.