Due to COVID-19 we will not be conducting visits at the facility until further notice.


Detainee visitation is a privilege not a right. Therefore the Detention Center has the right to deny visitors for what ever reason deemed necessary and or appropriate.

Visitor Dress Code

 No hats, jackets, shorts, tank tops exposing the midriff area, tight or short dresses and or skirts, open sandal foot wear, clothing promoting gang activity or drug paraphernalia or any other clothing articles Detention Officials deem inappropriate for visitation

Authorized Visitors

Detainee will be in charge of their visitation list. Forms are available in the housing unit. Their form can:

  • Have 5 people per list, children (under 18) are not included in the 5
  • Only be changed after 6 months

Visitation Schedule

  • B Pod
    8 to 10:30 am and Noon to 1:30 pm

    8 to 10:30 am and Noon to 1:30 pm
  • C Pod and Dorm A
    8 to 10:30 am and Noon to 1:30 pm

    8 to 10:30 am and Noon to 1:30 pm
  • Female Unit
    8 to 10:30 am and Noon to 1:30 pm

    8 to 10:30 and Noon to 1:30 pm
  • Restrictive Housing Unit
    8 am to 1:30 pm


According to NM State Statute 30-22-14 "Bringing contraband into a jail consists of carrying contraband into the confines of a County or Municipal Jail. Whoever commits bringing contraband into a Jail is guilty of a forth degree felony.

Definition of Contraband

Any deadly weapon, or an essential component part thereof, including ammunition, explosive devices and explosive materials, but does not include a weapon carried by a peace Officer in lawful discharge of his or her duties. Currency brought onto the grounds of the institution for the purpose of transfer to a prisoner, but does not include carried into areas designated by the Warden as areas for the deposit and receipt or currency for credit to a prisoner’s account before contact is made with any prisoner.

Any alcohol beverage [or] any controlled substance, as defined in the Controlled Substance Act but does not include a controlled substance carried into a prison/jail through regular prison/jail channels and pursuant to the direction or prescription of a regularly licensed physicians. Furthermore, no cameras, tape recorders or cell phones will be allowed to be carried by any persons entering the facility.

Detainee Property

Property Release

The Detention Center does not permit detainee to release their personal property to the public unless deemed an emergency by Detention Official, in which case the detainee will be required to submit written request to release property explaining the reason(s) for the request.

The Warden or Deputy Warden will then determine whether or not the reason is valid. Requests for the release of property will not be accepted by Friends or family members. All requests for the release of their property must be made by the detainee personally.

Accepting Property

The Detention Center will not accept property for detainee from the public, friends, or family.