Detainee Mail

Detainee Mail

Detainees are permitted to send and receive correspondence. Anyone wanting to send correspondence should address letters as follows:

<Detainee Name>
436 Courthouse Rd
Los Lunas NM 87031

*Must include senders Name and return address.*

Letters Containing contraband will be returned to sender. Detainees are not allowed to receive items such as:

•Blank/ Colored Paper
•Paper Clips or Staples
•Magazine articles or Newspaper
•Inappropriate pictures or Polaroid pictures
•Stickers (to include address labels) or glue
•Cash, checks, or money orders
•Anything gang related
•Crayon, marker or Colored pencil (blue or black ink only)
•No makeup/ lipstick or perfume
•Photos larger than 5"x7"
•Maximum of 10 photos