Prison Rape Eliminatioin Act (PREA)


It is the policy of Valencia County Detention Center to provide a safe, humane, and secure environment, free from sexual violence, misconduct, harassment, or retaliation, by establishing definitions of prohibited conduct and maintaining a program of prevention, detection, investigation, response and tracking of all alleged and substantiated sexual misconduct.The Valencia County Detention Center maintains a zero tolerance of any form of Sexual misconduct between staff and detainees; volunteers or contract personnel and detainees; and detainees and detainees, regardless of consensual status. This policy complies with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 for appropriate prevention, detection, reporting, intervention, and treatment for victims of sexual assault.


If you believe a family member or loved one is experiencing any form of sexual misconduct, sexual abuse or sexual harassment while incarcerated at the Valencia County Detention Center, please contact Valencia County Detentions Centers PREA coordinator at 505-565-8900 or 1-866-654-3219. When reporting, please provide your name and contact information, the inmate(s) involved, and when the incident occurred. Valencia County will only disclose this information to those who need to know to ensure the victim(s) safety and to investigate the allegation.