Budget & Finance


The Finance Department, under the direction of the county manager is generally responsible for bolstering fiscal responsibility through the administration and coordination of internal accounting and other affairs, controls, procedures and services of a fiscal nature of the county government and agencies thereof See, NMSA 1978, Sections 6-5-1 et seq. and 2.2.2 NMAC Audit Rule and 2.2.3 NMAC Budget Certification Rule.

The Valencia County Board of County Commissioners and the county manager empower the Finance Department to direct and control the accounting for all the fiscal affairs of the local government and agencies thereof and to provide for the maintenance of the accounting records for those fiscal affairs. The Finance Department, through the use of generally accepted accounting principles, is also responsible for establishing and maintaining systems of accounting and for prescribing the principles, standards and related requirements of those systems.


The mission of the Valencia County Finance Department is to bolster the public trust by continuously focusing on the highest standards of financial control, accountability, safeguarding of assets and accurate reporting for financial decision-making purposes.

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